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15 Minute Toilet Break

15-minute visit to say hello, let them out to do their business, tidy up and have a quick cuddle.

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30 Minute Toilet Break

30-minute version of the Toilet Break which can be helpful for puppy training and playtime, or for supporting an older dog's needs.

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30 Minute Local Walk

A 30-minute walk locally (max 4 dogs per walk, one household) 

Local 45.png

45 Minute Local Walk

A 45-minute walk locally (max 4 dogs per walk, one household)

Group Walk.png

1 Hour Group Walk

1 hour* group walk (up to a max of 4 dogs per group, arranged following a ‘trial solo’ period) *Does not include travel time.

Extra Dog.png

Extra Dog for Local Walks

An additional £2 per additional dog (max 4 dogs per walk, one household)


Wedding Services

We can be your canine chaperone for your special day. If you want your dog to be part of the ceremony and the photos, let us co-ordinate. We can occupy your pooch and keep them out of trouble when it’s not appropriate for them to be around, take them for walks, ensure they are cared for, toileted, and fed throughout the day. No need for your wedding party to be carrying doggy bags, no need for your dog to be cooped up in a room when you are partying.

8-hour day. Additional hours available at £20 per hour.

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Clean and Play.png


15 Minute Clean and Feed

30 Minute Clean and Play


15-minute visits to feed your cat, let them out or lock them in if they are outdoor cats with limitations, clean any litter trays, and some quick cuddles.


30-minute visits to feed your kitten, clean any litter trays, play and desensitise to tummy rubs, paw touches, lifting and general touch.

Extra Cat.png

Extra Cat

Any extra cats can take extra time therefore it is an additional £2 per cat (up to a max of 4 cats per 15 minutes) 

Small Animals

Small Animals

Clean and Feed.png

15 Minute Clean and Feed

15-minute cage spot clean and top up of fresh food and water (including, but not limited to, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, degus)

Extra Cage

Extra cages take extra time to spot clean and top up so it is an additional £5 per cage as each cage can take up to 15 minutes to complete.

Extra Cage.png

All pet care services, including dog walking services and pet sitting services offered, may change depending on service needs.

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